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Unique categories

Tracks are devided into seven unique categories, so you can always find music that fits your current mood.

Explore 6 unique categories


Is there anything more calming than the sounds of the Mother Earth? We doubt it. That's why we prepared the Nature category.


There's something mysterious about the woods. Its atmosphere, sounds, lighting... it's a psychotic feel. Intrigued by it, we created the Forest category.


We'd tell you something about the sound of this category but it would ruin the surprise. Discover the unknown in the Experimental category.


Meditation is often associated with Asia, buddism and monks. If you have an image like this in your mind, check the Orient category.


With all the noise in your daily life, you need to have a solitary place where you can have a moment with yourself. The Wilderness category will help you go there.

Deep Space

Deep Water

More categories coming soon

Enjoy every track

We think that every track in Mindses app deserves special treatment. That is why we hand picked a unique artwork to make a visually pleasing product.


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